As Apple's new flagship smartphone, consumers most complain that they have encountered some problems. Fortunately, in most cases, you can easily mitigate or fix these problems, such as the following issues summarized by iDropNews.

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1 Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity problem 

With the introduction of 4x4 MIMO, the LTE speed of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max should be significantly higher than the previous generations. A significant percentage of iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max users say that their devices are experiencing problems in receiving and connecting, and LTE is actually slower than the previous generation of Apple phones. Other users said their devices chose a slower Wi-Fi network, causing the network speed to be below standard. 

Although this problem does not affect all iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max devices. But if you're affected, you can fully recover from iTunes without using a backup, which is said to completely fix LTE speed and Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

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2 Charging problem 

In the past, many iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max users reported that their new devices were having problems charging with Lightning cables, some were unable to charge after the screen-close, and some could not be charged at all. Although it is not clear how common this problem is, it does not seem to affect all iPhone XS or XS Max devices. However, some time ago, this problem has indeed become the focus of media attention. 

It is said that this is a software issue, Apple will fix this issue when iOS 12.1 is officially released. In fact, Apple has fixed this issue in iOS 12.1 beta 2. If you don't want to upgrade the beta, try other methods: 

-Change a Lightning cable or Qi charging panel 

- Tap the screen when the iPhone XS connection cable is charging 

- Restart your iPhone

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3 Beauty Picture Taking 

Is your iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max selfie good? It's clear that many users who take photos on new phones in 2018 (including some staring YouTube users) think so. 

The problem is those that look too smooth and sparkling, as if Apple added a beauty filter to the front camera without the user's select, which makes the selfie not natural, and the beauty is exaggerated. The most important thing is that this beauty effect cannot be disabled, which is unacceptable.

But, in fact, this is not a bug or beauty mode. Instead, thanks to the intelligent HDR technology, this could be a combination of aggressive noise reduction and multiple exposure combining. iPhone XS users can choose to disable Smart HDR to reduce this unexpected beauty effect by setting: Settings – Camera – Turn off Smart HDR.

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4 iPhone X case does not match iPhone XS completely 

As the successor to the iPhone X, the body of the iPhone XS doesn't seem to change. Because of this, you might think that the phone cases of the two devices can be shared, but it does not. The camera module on the iPhone XS is actually a bit wider and longer than the iPhone X. Therefore, the third-party iPhone X case is not suitable for the new iPhone in 2018. 

The only way to solve this problem is to buy a protective case designed specifically for the iPhone XS. As for the iPhone XS Max, well, you will know that the iPhone X case is not included.

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5 Charging too slowly 

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max still offer a 5W USB-A charger, and many users complain that the device is charging too long. but the new iPhone supports USB-C fast charging, users can  purchase a third-party USB-C adapter to increase the charging speed of the device, but it is best to choose some trusted brands.

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