The advantages of good TPU screen protector

With iPhone small mobile phone come out, the PET screen protector accompanied. Later the hard tempered glass screen protector take most market of the screen protector, even the curved screens invented, then 3D glass quickly to match it. But if you just want to keep you smart phone slim, also protect your screens, the TPU material is best choice. Soft TPU with strong adhesive is what you right need. And here are some advantages of good TPU screen protector.

1. Full screen coverage and complete curved screen fit

With the strong flexibility, and high adhesive, TPU can match very the phone hole prefectly, and be applied in the curve screen very well, which look like merge with the screen together.


2.High light transmission

Up to about 95% high light transmission, it will bring you amazing color reproduction. 


3 Anti scratch,anti crack,wear resistance

with incredible Flexibility and compression resistance, the TPU screen protector will not allow the  glass crack or shards hurt your hand.


4 Anti-Oil stain,Anti-fingerprint

Nano precision coating process,make the screen protector anti oil stain and anti finger print.