1)Surface hardness of 8H (with the hardest being 10H) keeps scratches non-existent

2)Thickness of .4mm allows you to maintain a slim and sleek profile

3)Special coating that resists oily residue from staying on the screen

4)Beveled edge keeps you safe from cracked & chipped edge

5)Smooth to touch

6)No bubbles, easy to apply or remove, can be reused

7)More clearer visibility of your phone screen


Available for:

*iPhone 4(front): clear,golden,pink,blue,purple and other colors

*Samsung SIII:white,and other colors

*Samsung i9220,i9110,i9108,i9228,Note II:clear and other colors

*iPad 2/3,Mini:clear and other colors

Package:plastic box,button,clean cloth

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Tempered Glass Screen Protector Package