the higher screen protector hardness is, the better screen protector quality is?

When you are ready to buy a screen protector with 4H(hardness), do care to check the screen protector has the obvious rainbow thread with your naked eye.If no, probabilly it is not real 4H screen protector, if yes,it is really 4H screen protector, but whether you do not care the annoying rainbow thread?

screen protector

Thought higher hardness mean better anti scratch and wear-resistant,but it also bring the rainbow threads which will make you upset.

Of cause there are 3 reasons for rainbow treads:1 substrate and coating material light refractive index difference. 2 coating uneven. 3 speckle. And there is any equipment to test the rainbow thread, we just use our naked eye to inspect it.

Commonly the screen protector want to get the higher hardness, it hard coating have to be through high temperature processing,while molecular constructure will be uneven, the leads to light refraction, namely the undesired rainbow thread come out.

Therefore,High hardness or no rainbow threads, you only choose one.Commonly we do rather like there is no rainbow thread or less.Namely if there is a screen protector said it has 4H, then you just drop it directly.

Actually there is no need to get so much high hardness for our phone screen protector,2-2.5H is OK.




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