4 kinds of adhesive methods for screen protector

1 Common glue adhesive. Just coat the common gule onto the inside of the screen protector.It is mainly for one-time usage. If remove it from the screen,it may leave stain on it

2 3M glue adhesive. It is a kinds of special glue,which is strong ,last long time,and anticorrosion. And it is also one time usage screen protector

3 Electrostatic adherence; Principles of physics, when the protective film to produce contact with the LCD screen, the protection of the pressure within the air between the film and the liquid crystal panel becomes weak, and pressure of the atmospheric air is strong between the screen and the film, thereby generating the adsorption capacity. However, this adsorption capacity is weak, it is easy to make the protective film off.

4 Silicon glue adhesive:Silicone chemical substances, through special technical protective film Material synthesis, produce and easy to fall off, and tear off the protective film from the LCD screen, you can not leave any traces, and can also be used repeatedly. More popular adsorption.

And FeYong Screen Protector take silicoon glue adhesive methods.


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