Explosion-proof Screen Protector

Beginning with Xperia X10 in 2010, almost all smart phones from Sony will be pre-installed with the explosion-proof screen protector, such as the latest release of Xperia Z L36h. According to Sony China product manager, this set of explosion-proof film price is not cheap, almost equivalent to the price of a camera. So what is the story behind this proof membrane, so amazing it?


What is explosion-proof film?


According car2100 authoritative definition, explosion-proof film is mounted on the upper part of the pressure vessel to prevent the container exploding metal film,which is a safety device. Also known as the explosion proof sheet or bursting disc. When the pressure inside the container exceeds a certain limit, the film is first broken, which can reduce the pressure inside the container, to avoid explosion.It is also called shatter proof film, impact resistant film,shock-proof film.


What is the function of explosion-proof film?


In LT36h conference, the double-sided glass design is so impressive and more people pay more attention on the protective, because in the beginning when the body using double-sided glass L36h insufficient rigidity. If want pass the strict Japanese 1.5 meter drop test against either enhance rigidity of glass, or for materials. While Sony install the explosion proof film on both side of the smart phone,which is hard to discover. The video below is the press conference at CES drop tests. Imagine if there is no explosion proof film, what will happen?


What is the difference between the explosion proof film(screen protector) and ordinary film(screen protector)?


Explosion proof film on the market today is not what we generally matte film, clear film. Explosion proof film is not anti-rubbing, nor anti-scratch. Its main use is to raise the screen pressure-resistance by external capacity and preventing flying glass fragments. Explosion-proof film structure has five levels: protective film (Eva Protective Film) hardened layer (Hardcoat Layer) transparent polyester film (PET Film) layer (Bond Line) from the film (Release Film) and proof membrane film is relatively more common a layer of hardened layer (Hardcoat Layer), which is why the energy explosion-proof membrane main hero!


How explosion-proof film?


The explosion-proof film should be concerned about the impact of high-intensity external affordability and splash capabilities. In everyday life we might accidentally fall phones, such as this ...

Explosion-Proof Screen Protector Film


Although explosion-proof film does not guarantee the screen will not be broke, but can indeed improve the rigidity of the glass screen, greatly reducing the chances of the screen broke, can prevent flying debris cause secondary damage.



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