How to make tempered glasses screen protector


Step 1:Raw material. special glasses sheet (1244.6*1092.2mm) and AB glue

Glasses brand; Corning(USA),Schott(Germany),AGC(Japan),NSG(Japan),CLFG(China)

Glasses thickness: 0.4mm, 0.33mm,0.2mm,0.15mm

AB glue brand: Nippa(Japan),Toyo(Japan),TMS(Korea)

AB glue thickness:0.085mm and 0.15mm

Also there many other glasses and AB glue film manufacturers


Step 2: Cutting the glasses in to small sheet with the glasses cutting machine.

Such as to make iPhone 4 screen protector, cut them into about 56mm*113mm.

The laser cutting machine have different size,the bigger,the less for the glasses wasting


Step 3: Engraving the small glasses sheet with glasses engraving machine.

Then it will be engraved into 55mm*112mm, and the relative holes and edges come out.


Step 4 Washing the glasses with the washing machine

When engraving the glasses, there are accompany some chemicals. So need to wash out the chemicals and engraved-out glasses powder


Step 5 Gridding the glasses edge into perfect 2.5D with glasses sweeping machine(if do not need 2.5D edge protector, then no need this machine and process)


Step 6 Washing the glasses second

When sweeping the glasses, some chemicals(such as Nitrate) accompany,need to wash them out.


Step 7 Make the engraved sheet tempered(prefer heat first,then tempered,then Annealing)

To make the engraved glasses have 9H hardness, it have be tempered with the relative machine, just like iron hot treating.


Step  8 Washing the glasses third

After the tempered treated,it will be emerge into the special chemical water to wash it then the ready shaped tempered glasses come out.


Step 9 Then cut the A/B glue roll into the ready shape A/B glue film

It is easy, just like cut the common 3 PET film.


Step 10 then combine ready shaped A/B glue film and ready tempered glasses into Screen protector with the relative lamination machine in clean room


Video link:Machine for laminating the tempered glasses and AB sticker(AB glue)

Step 11 If need the glasses anti-finger, then need coated an special oil.

Step 12 Finally make it package

For the price for the lamination machine, Ready tempered glasses, A/B glue(ready or by roll), please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Machine Price Refer:

glasses cutting machine         20000USD/set * 1

glasses engraving machine       25000USD/set * 2

glasses sweeping machine        12000USD/set * 1

tempered furnace set            5800USD/set * 1

washing machine                 20000USD/set * 1

Glasses laminating machine      1400USD/set  * 2

Glasses engraving machine technology is most complicated among them, to be a skillful operator, it will cost 2 month to 6 month to train.And to set up a tempered glasses factory, there should be a complete Supporting industries which can offer the relative raw material, machine spares,and relative chemicals.

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