PET Screen Protector or Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Nowadays,the screen protector market turn PET Screen Protector to the tempered glass screen protector,now let us compare the 2 material to guide you which material will be your proper choose for the screen protector.


1 Transcendence. For consumers, there is not obvious difference between them, unless you bought poor quality screen protector

2 Anti-Scratch Ability. Usually the PET material is 3H, which is enough for daily usage, and tempered glasses is better,anyway, glass should be better than PET plastic.If you mean to use the sharp knife,then you can image.

3 Anti-Shock Ability. The tempered glass screen protector is made of the special glass,which will resist common hit, to protect your cell phone screen, and most of consumer do care about this.But some cheap glass screen protector do just use the un-tempered glass, namely these kind of poor quality tempered glass screen protector do not have any anti shock functions.The common PET do not have anti shock function,but some TPU material have it.

4 Adhesive Matter. Usually the tempered glass screen protector can be applied in the screen very easily, but if the glass protector made of poor quality silicon glue, then you will find the screen edge will not pasted closed.For PET screen protector,it is not as easy as the glasses protector apply. and usually have some bubble, then you need to pay attention to squeeze the bubble out. While for good quality PET protector, the air-release ability is perfect,quick and bubble free when apply them.

5 Thickness. Usually the glass is about 0.2-0.4mm thickness,while PET material is 0.125mm. Glass protector make your cell phone more heavy-duty,which is against the cell phone thinner trend

6 Anti-blue light, privacy functions.Remember that glass screen protector is made of 2 part: Glass and AB glue. If the AB glue have anti blue or privacy or other function, it is no doubtful that PET material do it.and less cost.

7 OEM products. Because the glass screen protector produce process is very complicated,so most of the manufacture do not accept OEM design,unless your have large qty only the popular cell phone model have relative glass screen protector,if what you find is not a popular models,then it is hard to find the relative glass protector, even there are,price will be high.Therefore for industry screen,PET screen protector is the best choose,it can accept small qty, and samples available, and short delivery, further more, not much cost.

8 Cost. For the price difference,every one is much clear.the problem is do you think is it worth to buy it.


Someone ask”since the tempered glass screen protector is too expensive,there is any alternative way to keep my cell phone away falls broken ”,my answer is “yes there is, just buy one PET screen protector and an anti shock cover”

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