2D Glass Screen,2.5D Glass Screen and 3D Glass Screen and Their Screen Protectors

Because of its great visual tension, 2.5D glass screen also is called dripping-screen.Since iPhone 6 released,2.5D screen enter into the consumers’ lives. But actually, 2.5D and 3D glass screen already exist for long time,.Apple is not the first one who apply them into smart phones, but iPhone 6 indeed bring the 2.5 glass screen popularity. 2.5D screen become the hot topic, following the fingerprint identify and metal body.


2.5D glass creen

Then what is 2.5 Glass screen

When we talk about 2D glass screen, it refers a pure 2D plane screen. Longtime ago our cell phones’ screen glass is plane and all points on the glass are in the same flat, so we call that 2D screen glass. Regarding of 2.5D glass screen, though like 2D screen, their middle screen area also in the same flat, but 2.5D glass take an arc over the edge of the glass,namely the glass is improved to making the edge curvature treatment based on 2D glass. Actually 2.5D is just a generic term for the mobile phone industry,but there is no 2.5D technical standards.

3D glass screen generally refers to a larger curved glass , such as LG G Flex series and Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge.It is not only for the glass surface take the curved design, also for the assembly and electronic display panel, which is essentially different comparing 2.5D glass screen

2.5D glass screen is not as screen electronic display module which is bent. To get the Flexible electronic circuits and electronic crystal tube, beside of the strong technical support, the cost is extremely expensive. There is not any technical difficult from 2D to 2.5D, if you have patient to overcome the more complicate process when producing. During the 2.5D glass producing, the girding process some times may get wrong, then there will be some loss. So the production cost 2.5D glass screen is slightly higher than the 2D glass.

In terms of cost, according to a well-known manufacturers ,the manufacturing cost of a 2.5D glass is about 3 to 4 times that of ordinary glass.

Maybe you also heard of 2.5D tempered screen protector and 3D full curved tempered screen protector, they are much different with the glass screen.

2.5D tempered screen protector means the protector edge is a little curved, but it is still a place glass. And it only applied in the 2D screen

2.5D tempered screen protector

While 3D tempered screen protector is not a plan glass, it have oblivious curved edge, it can be applied into the 2.5D and 3D screen.

3D full curverd tempered screen protector

If you do not want to glass screen protector because of its thickness, is there plastic screen protector to cover the 2.5D screen or 3D screen, yes. It is soft TPU screen protector.


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