3D Curved Glass Manufacturing Process

3D Curved Glass Brief Manufacturing Process



CNC Cutting--Glass Edging-- Ultrasonic Washing--Hot Bending-- Double-side Polishing-- Chemical Strengthening- Screen Printing-- AF Coating- Inspection/Packing

Machine: Glass CNC Cutting Machine, Engraving machine, Hot-bending Machine, Sweeping machine, Washing machine, screen printing machine, coating machine,tempering machine,inspection machine

Material: Printing Material,sweeping material,coating material,washing material,protective film, KNO3(Potassium Nitrate)

1.CNC Cutting:

When produces mass tempered glass screen protector, the factory usually purchase the economic and general specification glass sheet as the raw glass material.Along with the further glass manufacturing,the first step is: According to client requirement,fixing the machining allowances,then input the data into the glass CNC cutting machine to make the Coarse blanks protector.

The basic function of the CNC cutting is cutting the glass sheet into small pieces, usually the cutting line is straight. But some advanced machines are able to cut the hole and arc, which will increase the following manufacturing process.


To get the required shape and size of the glass,the machine with milling function will do Precision Machining on the Coarse blanks glass sheet, and get rid of most of the margin, but the size is still within the Tolerances


3.Hot Bending:

Comparing the common plain glass, 3D curved glass have the perfect arc, which is suitable for various of form construction design.Increase the temperature to the glass softening point,make the glass sheet deformed with the mold arc surface, and finally turn to the 3D curved surface.The glass is different,so the hot treating temperature point and relative time are various.

With this hot bending, there refer one kind of mold,which is called Precision graphite molds.because the graphite material is chemical stable,against the infiltration of molten glass,and does not change the composition of the glass, the graphite material became an indispensable in glass manufacturing mold material, with these features of good performance in thermal shock, few changes in size with temperature changes.Graphite mold processing is mainly relying on a higher degree of automation, high precision and high efficiency of the machine. From graphite mold roughing, heat treatment to a variety of quality control and inspection, it is Necessary to have fully equipment and reasonable Supporting


4 Ultrasonic washing

Making use of ultrasonic cavitation, acceleration, straight flowing in the liquid,with the direct or indirect effect, so that the dirt layer is dispersed, emulsified, stripping to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

Ultrasonic washing have 2 methods:automatic and manual. Automatic Optical ultrasonic washing is automatic feeding,after several pieces of glass are placed on a wire rack, the machine moves horizontally and Vertically,to make progressively ultrasonic cleaning, high-pressure spray washing, then drying after entering the tunnel.The Manual optical ultrasonic cleaning include ultrasonic cleaning process comprises and the slow pull dehydration process stage.


5 Sweeping/Polishing Machine

In order to make the sharp glass edge rounded to increase the comfortable touching,then need the sweeping/polished machine with the relative molds.


6 Chemical Strengthening

To make the common breakable glass into unbreakable glass, it need be to Chemical Strengthening with the tempered furnace,it is long-time process.


7 Screen Printing


8 AF Coating


9 Inspection/Packing


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