Why your tempered glass screen protector so cheap for wholesale.

Nowadays, the market full of the tempered glass screen protector, some very cheap but some expensive, why? If do not consider the transportation,tax, profit, just mention the glass protector itself, here is the cost decomposing.

tempered glass screen protectror

1.Glass raw material. The glass raw material is usually the big factory, each one has its own brand, and stands for its quality and price. The most good quality is Corning from the USA, then Schott(Germany),AGC(Japan),NSG(Japan),CLFG(China)

2.AB glue film. It can be made in various big or small factory, famous brand meaning high quality and high price, such as Nippa(Japan),Toyo(Japan),TMS(Korea). And now many Chinese factories development ability increase much, so the price is various

3.The Glass screen protector thickness and curved edge. For glass, The thinner glass is, the higher Scrap rate is, so does the curved edge, so 0.4mm glass is cheaper then 0.3mm glass, and 0.2mm glass is more expensive. And 2D glass is cheaper then 2.5D glass, and 3D curved is most expensive


4.Temped process, it will take much time to go though this process.

5.Coating anti fingerprint oil. It also take much in the whole cost.

Million of tempered glass are poured into India market with low price, you know why? This kind of tempered screen protector is use the cheapest glass raw material, and AB glue film, it is not big problem, and do not make the edge curved or just little curved, most mistake is avoid “tempered processing”, namely it should be called “thin glass screen protector” instead of “tempered screen protector” Of cause, to decrease cost, also saving the “anti fingerprint oil” process.

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